Chris Roberts – Founder & CEO

Agile Coaching & Delivery specialist. Focused on enabling you to deliver value early and often, whilst promoting a continuous improvement culture.

Very passionate and energetic about all things Agile. Practical experience in Scrum, SAFe, XP, Lean and Kanban.  However, he is a firm believer in right tool(s) for the right job.

Organisations, people and teams all have different needs. Chris loves working with people from Portfolio, right down to team level, to understand their problems and help them work more effectively.

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Andrew Long – Head of Technology

An Experienced Technology professional with a wide range of experience working with start ups right through to big Corporates.

Straight talking Yorkshireman, buzzword free and focused on removing waste from your organisation whilst giving you an earlier & better return on your investment.

Passionate about how Technology can meet your user’s needs and how delivering solutions quickly can transform businesses. Andrew has led teams for over 20 years and firmly believes in motivating, developing, coaching and mentoring people that he works alongside.

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It helps that we’re good mates too.