Chris Roberts

Founder & CEO

Modern day Leader and Coach with 10 years Agile Delivery experience. Focused on judging everything in context and on its own merit in order to tailor his approach to what is optimal for your organisation and your people.

Organisations, people and teams all have different needs. Chris loves working with people from Leadership right down to team level, to understand their problems and help them work more effectively and with clear purpose.

Leading Nimble, Chris has helped set up the Agile Coaching function at RentalCars.com, set up a successful delivery capability from scratch in the form of the Home Office Digital Hub and up until recently was the UK Lead Coach for William Hill’s Agile@Scale initiative.

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Andrew Long


Nimble’s Chief Technology & Information Officer, Andrew doubles up as Nimble’s Firefighter in Chief. An experienced Technology professional with a vast experience of working with start ups right through to big Corporates.

A straight talking Yorkshireman, he’s buzzword free and passionate about removing waste from your organisation whilst giving you an earlier & better return on your investment.

Andrew (never Andy) loves to help transform businesses through a blend of Technology, People and Process. He obsesses over delivering quality solutions quickly at low cost. Despite the fact he really doesn’t look old enough, Andrew has spent almost 20 years motivating, developing, coaching, mentoring & leading teams.

Andrew also mentors at legup.social in Sheffield

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