Chris Roberts – Founder & Lean-Agile Coach

Agile Coaching & Delivery specialist. Focused on enabling you to deliver value early and often, whilst promoting a continuous improvement culture.

Very passionate and energetic about all things Agile. Practical experience in Scrum, SAFe, XP, Lean and Kanban.  However, he is a firm believer in right tool(s) for the right job.

Organisations, people and teams all have different needs. Chris loves working with people from Portfolio, right down to team level, to understand their problems and help them work more effectively.


Raj Kissy – Partner & Lean-Agile Coach

Agile Coach and Delivery specialist with a strong background in Product Management. Raj is focused on delivering value for organisations from a customer centric point of view but also enabling cultural changes.

He believes Agile is a methodology for teams to collaborate, therefore he helps teams understand the underlying principles of the methodology but more importantly, how it can be adapted to fit their ways of working.

Problem Solving and Systems Thinking are a few areas he’s particularly passionate about. He also enjoys the occasional meditation to help him understand people on a personal level.