Agile Pick n’ Mix

Going back a few years when I first read about Agile, I found plenty of content on a variety of topics online. Whilst I appreciated having such a volume of resources available, I can also remember it felt pretty overwhelming!

I just wanted an overview of everything at a glance that Agile encompassed, but found it hard to find.

So… for this very reason I have put together the ‘Agile Pick n’ Mix’.

This is a one page snapshot view of all Agile values, principles and activities which I’ve grouped into logical categories. This isn’t theory however, it’s all real world stuff that’s helped me compile this list after finding them useful working with real Agile teams.

I’m not stipulating any of this is mandatory, it is just a full list of options at a glance to assist you and your team defining your own Agile Approach!

Please feel free to read it, share it and most importantly add your own to the list! I hope you find it useful.



  1. We’ve been using Kanban during 1.5 years ardealy at TargetProcess and it works better than Scrum for our team. We are using small batches, minimizing wait cycles, develop by feature and so on. Lean can be very helpful in software development.

    • @ Crystal – yes I’ve found after having a predominantly Scrum/XP background myself just how powerful Kanban and Lean principles can be starting from simply visualising where you are now through to actively eliminating waste and capturing metrics that help the team solve problems. Nice to hear about your experiences!

  2. This is fantastic! One of the best possible way you an provide guidance to the SMs and POs to implement and adopt agile framework. Pretty comprehensive list.

    • Thanks Dev – it is intended to be a useful at a glance introductory tool so glad you like it!

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