Pop Up Squad

Helping your organisation up the pace of delivery!

You’ve got a business problem or a new feature that you desperately need but your roadmap is full and nothing can move. You haven’t got the time to recruit and embed a new team. What you’d really like is that problem taking care of.

We take the load on and deploy a temporary team (lean, often multi-hat wearing specialists and entirely bespoke to your problem). They arrive (or work in our office), immerse themselves in the problem and deliver the right solution for you, No bloat, no passengers, no outstaying their welcome.

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Coaching & Transformation

Enabling a movement to new (often Agile) ways of working.

Whilst we talk about Agile, we have one aim, for your organisation to work more effectively.

Our Coaches, Product Owners and Scrum Masters are all ‘people’ people, leading by example and tailoring their approach to change to the organisation and it’s most valuable asset, its people.

We’ve coached in a variety of sectors and organisations and are proud of our record of helping bring out the best in people allowing them (and their company) so solve some really big problems quickly and efficiently.

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Nimble Institute

If you want a blanket tickbox certified xyz course that isn’t us

We provide tailored learning programmes for teams or individuals based on your organisation’s needs and offerings, we take on the brief and customise our approach based on your people and your organisations unique DNA, then follow it up with hands on workplace coaching to allow them apply it to their actual projects and products.

Our people are all seasoned hands-on delivery Specialists who don’t spend all their time in classrooms. Their knowledge and experience is being constantly updated solving problems in real life businesses and as soon as your learning is complete, back they’ll go.

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Nimble Introduces

Hiring for a niche contract role or exhausted all your recruitment options?

Nimble Introduces makes use of our trusted network of connections to hand-pick that perfect candidate for your unfilled contract role.

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