Nimble Introduces

Hiring for a niche role or exhausted all your recruitment options?

Nimble Introduces makes use of our trusted network of connections to hand-pick that perfect candidate for your unfilled contract role.

Why use Nimble Introduces?

Recruitment from non-recruiters – We understand the importance of getting the right person for a role and we have tonnes of experience pulling together teams and Pop Up Squads, but we’re not recruiters. We think that’s a good thing, because it’s all about who you know, and we know a lot of people.

Experts in opposing skill sets – Sometimes you need a super-organised creative or a charismatic, sales-focussed developer. We’re not saying these people don’t exist (because we know they do), but they can be hard to find. Our network is full of multi-disciplined experts, and we can find the right one for your role.

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