Nimble Institute

If you want a blanket tickbox certified xyz course you’ve definitely come to the wrong place*

We love to deliver tailored learning programmes for teams or individuals based on your organisation’s needs and offerings

When taking on your brief we’ll spend time talking to you about your organisations unique DNA and customise our approach based on your people and learning requirements. We’ll deliver at the pace that your people need, then if required follow it up with hands on workplace coaching to allow you to successfully apply it to your real life projects, products and problems.

Our people are all not full time trainers. We use seasoned hands-on delivery Specialists who don’t spend all their time in classrooms. Their knowledge and experience is being constantly updated solving problems in real life businesses and as soon as your learning is complete, back they’ll go.

*Don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty that your organisation can get from the more formal ‘Certified’ courses, and although its not our thing, we certainly can point you in the right direction if you want a recommended course or trainer