Pop Up Squads

Need help delivering a burning project you don’t have the in-house capacity for?

Nimble Pop Up Squads are lean, cross-functional teams that help you get from zero to delivery as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why use our Pop Up Squads?

  • A quick fix for a short term resource crisis –  Maybe you’ve suddenly hit capacity and don’t have time to go through the hiring process. Or maybe you just don’t know what you’d do with all the extra employees when the project is over. Our squads get in, get the job done, and get out, leaving you with a finished project and no extra salaries to cover.
  • Upskill your in-house teams – Your squad members will each be elite in their own field. Not only will they do a top notch job, they will pass on their knowledge and processes to your existing teams. This means you can benefit from our squads long after they’re gone.
  • Hand-picked for the job at hand – You don’t need to worry about who to hire and when. Tell us what needs doing and we’ll pull together a team that gets it done. We cover a range of roles (UX, BA, Product, Dev, SM, Test, DevOps) and our squads are often made up of people with multiple skill sets.
  • Flexible to fit with your way of working – Want your squad onsite? No problem. Happy with remote working? Your squad can be based at our HQ in Sheffield. Need a whole delivery team? We’ve got you covered. Already got talented a team but need a few extra bodies? Consider it done. Our squad setup can be easily adapted to any project in any business.

Sounds great… in theory. But does it work in practice?

In short: yes. Check out some of the squad setups our clients have benefited from:

We’ve deployed teams both in the UK and mainland Europe to solve a variety of short term issues for our customers. Most of them are on our customers sites, but we’ve got one in our office in Sheffield too. Examples of the types of Squad we’ve provided so far:

Agile Coach Squad

Pre aligned by Nimble with the client’s scaled agile vision before they stepped foot on site, our agile coaching squad added value to the client’s delivery team from day 1 (without an onerous bedding in period).

MVP Squad

Three front end development specialists and one automated test specialist working with an internal product owner to take something from a vision to a working MVP in weeks not months.

Delivery Squad (1)

A classic cross-functional team with the client’s in-house Scrum Master. Based on site to accelerate the delivery of a number of initiatives around the World Cup 2018.

Delivery Squad (2)

A small Team of 5 specialists delivering a large website/hub project, all while up-skilling the client’s own development team to enable them to support the hub themselves at the end of the project..

Inception / Discovery Squad

One technical architect and one product and delivery specialist supporting a client’s 6 week project discovery which may (or may not) end up with us building something. What’s important is that they build the right thing, not that we build it

Like a doctor wouldn’t prescribe medicine without diagnosing the problem, we come with no preconceptions about your business problem and we work with you to get to the most efficient and effective remedy. Come talk to us and find out how we can help your business.

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