The Nimble Way

We’re Nimble, a collective of recognised specialists in Agile and Lean thinking.

We handpick elite teams to enable Heads of IT to deliver key roadmap projects at pace, without lengthy ramp up times, recruitment headaches or misalignment

Founded by Chris Roberts in 2014, we’ve taken a people and quality driven approach to growing Nimble by handpicking only people who have the right values, characteristics and ability. We’ve done this with a firm belief that this will help us grow at a sustainable pace and not dilute our DNA.

We’ve been around a while now and amassed an outstanding network of talented people that we know and trust.  People who (when the chips are down) are at the forefront of leading, coaching or delivering.

We love our network and handpick highly experienced specialists to work in our teams on specific projects on a contract basis. We take the utmost care to match the right people to the right roles, not only in terms of skill set, but in cultural fit, outlook and ways of working.

We value Commitment, Common Sense, Communication, Personal Respect, Professionalism, and Teamwork

Team Nimble

We support you through the life of the contract. We know being a contractor is a lonely life, we’ve all done it, but by working with us, you’re getting access to our collective of talented, focused, motivated and more importantly, friendly network of Nimblers.

We’re proud of being Nimble, and every person we handpick has to tick a whole load of boxes before we let you join one of our teams. You’re more than welcome to get in touch, or if you know someone already in the team, give them a shout and find out what it’s like.

You (Our Customers)

As we don’t just let anyone join the team, nor do we search for roles just to put bums on seats.

We’re looking for like minded organisations, who are ready for a change and cant quite work out how to do it, or for Product Owners who have promised their Stakeholders a great new feature but the Technology Team have too much work on to deliver it. Or anyone who might like the sound of changing something quickly but hasn’t got the time to recruit that perfect team (we created Pop Up Squads to help you with just that).

We can provide outstanding teams in Agile Coaching, Delivery Management, Full-stack Engineering, Software Delivery, Platform Engineering and Testing to bolster, coach, advise, lead or work alongside your teams. Check out our list of services

Us (Our Leadership Team)

Chris Roberts – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Modern day Leader and Coach with 10 years Agile Delivery experience. Focused on judging everything in context and on its own merit in order to tailor his approach to what is optimal for your organisation and your people.

Organisations, people and teams all have different needs. Chris loves working with people from Leadership to team level, understanding their individual problems and helping them work more effectively and with clear purpose.

Leading Nimble, Chris played a big part in setting up the Agile Coaching function at, built a successful delivery capability from scratch in the form of the Home Office Digital Hub and up until recently was the UK Lead Coach for William Hill’s Agile@Scale initiative.


Dan Roberts – Head of People & Operations

With 15 years line management & HR experience within public & private sector, Dan’s passion is working with people, giving that personal touch to make a genuine difference. Dan spends valuable time with each of our specialists, forging close, honest relationships & offering a listening ear, ensuring he is on hand to provide support & assistance where required.

Dan is our unofficial Social Secretary allowing us to continue to build a network at pace while still keeping the feeling of a close knit, community of quality specialists. Managing day to day operations for Nimble, he adopts the same level of care & professionalism with our clients, always going that extra mile to provide an outstanding level of service.

Andrew Long – Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has spent almost 20 years motivating, developing, coaching, mentoring & leading teams. Experienced at growing startups (his first one was in 2000), alongside experience of working at the other end of the scale with companies including HSBC, First Direct, Sky Betting & Gaming and NatWest

Buzzword free and passionate about removing waste from organisations whilst focusing an earlier & better return on investment, Andrew loves to help transform businesses through a blend of People, Process and Technology. He obsesses over delivering quality solutions quickly at low cost and also mentors at Sheffield’s



It’s difficult to encapsulate what we are as an organisation. We’re a collective of contract and interim Specialists who are at the top of their game. We run a really tight ship which allows us to keep overheads low so we don’t pass them on to our customers.

We love helping people out of tight spots (Our network gives us access to a variety of specialists who we’ll happily utilise for our customers if they ask), but we’re not into filling roles for the sake of another employee on the books (remember, we don’t have employees!). We’re not into trawling job sites to find people, we’re lucky to have elite specialists who want to work with us.

If you want to find out what we’re really about, then please come talk to us.